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IT and business look at cloud adoption very differently. Technology teams in the organization look at the cloud as an opportunity to move from capEX to opeEX, reduce data center footprint, bolster agility, modernize legacy applications and deliver engaging new experiences for their customers. Business teams need to see the whole picture to drive investments that maximize value for the enterprise. This is where Orange Indigo Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem Services plays a pivotal role.


Orange Indigo is the best partner for enterprises to achieve an integrated and unified view of the enterprise cloud ecosystem. With Orange Indigo Enterprise Cloud Ecosystem Services, we partner with companies to advise them on their cloud transformation strategy across infrastructure, data, applications and more, and then build and co-evolve their enterprise cloud. We bring together the capabilities needed to drive both business and IT priorities – across the foundational layers optimized for cloud efficiencies, right up to the portfolio of applications as services.